Local/Regional Grants and Incentives

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District offers various grants and incentive programs for Public Agencies, Residents, Businesses, and Technology. Incentives are typically available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so interested parties should apply early. A complete list of their current incentive programs is available at The San Joaquin Valley Air District Website

State Grants

The State of California offers various grants for advanced transportation technology through several agencies.

The California Air Resources Board administers grant programs funded through various State sources including the Cap and Trade program. A complete list of the various funding programs is available at the California Air Resources Board Website.

The California Energy Commission also administers grant programs for transportation technology. A list of their grant programs can be found at the California Energy Commission Website

Federal Grants and Incentives

Various Federal Agencies offer grants and incentives for transportation technology each year, however, due to the diversity of the programs and number of agencies involved, it can be very challenging to stay informed on what funding is available. Fortunately, all the Federal grants are posted on one site used by all the agencies for submitting and receiving grant applications, GRANTS.GOV

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